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Careers begin here.

When it comes to your future, you should have choices. Choose your path, and New Haven Job Corps will provide you with free career training so you can gain the skills and tools you need to be successful. 

At New Haven Job Corps, students can ...

Find a supportive community to lean on.
Earn your high school diploma or equivalent and gain skills to be successful in a career.
Take your training and education and put them into action.
are you eligible
Are you eligible?
Generally, Job Corps students:
are 16 through 24 years old
are low-income individuals
meet citizenship, residency, DACA or other approved status requirements
meet background requirements
are ready and motivated to succeed
An Admissions Services staff member can walk you through the process.
Training opportunities

Job Corps offers an on-the-job experience designed to get you workforce-ready.

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Refer a student

Whether you’re a parent or guardian, school counselor or mentor, we know you want the best for the young person in your life. Job Corps helps them reach their goals, find their purpose and guide them along their journey to a better future.

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Hardworking. Professionally trained. Experienced. All three phrases describe our Job Corps students. Check out our employer resources to connect with the next generation of industry professionals.