Center Tours and Enrollment Information

The New Haven Job Corps Center offers a comprehensive tour of the facility by calling for an appointment with our Outreach and Admissions Councelor. The tour provides prospective students, parents/guardians, and their families with a first hand look at our center and the programs offered.

While on the tour, attendees are escorted throughout the entire campus by our Outreach and Admissions (OA) Counselor and will have an opportunity to view the dormitories, recreational facilities, and the Academic and Career Technical Training areas. Additional information related to the training areas is provided by both the instructors and the OA Counselor. Attendees will also have the opportunity to ask any questions they may have during the tour.

Tour Information

Date/Time: Tours are offered only by appointment.

Duration: The tour is comprehensive and is usually one and one half hours or less.

Who can attend?: The tour is open to prospective students and their parents/guardians as well as other family members and friends. Individuals from other agencies or organizations may also participate in the tours; however, if you are bringing a large group with you, please contact us prior to the date you will be attending.

Additional Information: It is requested that attendees observe New Haven Job Corps Center policies regarding appropriate clothing and attire. Scarves, hats, do rags, and other head gear are not permitted during the tour. Please be considerate to the tour guide and other attendees and turn off your cell phones (or set to silent or vibrate mode).

For additional information regarding center tours, please contact us at (203) 397-3775 Ext. 4364.

Interested in enrolling at the New Haven Job Corps Center?

To enroll at New Haven Job Corps, please contact an admissions representative at the following number (800) 733-5627.

If you would like more information about Job Corps, visit the Job Corps recruiting website and request an information packet.

Please attend one of our center tours which are held every Thursday at 10:00AM.